Lip Sync Battle

The Lip Sync Battle is on! We have some amazing competitors and need your votes to pick the best. Check them out and vote – then keep voting to make sure your favorite wins. Votes are only $1 each (but you have to buy at least 5.) The Battle ends on February 26 when Shabbat begins. Vote for your favorites as often as you like here:

Lip Sync Battle

Get more information about the Lip Sync Battle including helpful hints and rules by visiting the competition page!

Register to compete here! It’s alright if you don’t have your team set, or a team name yet. The registration can be updated. What we need as soon as possible is the information about the song(s) you choose.

Want to lip sync like a pro but don’t know where to start with the technology? No problem! Contact the committee and we’ll do our best to advise you.

This is a fun competition and it’s also a fundraiser! Each vote raises money for Beth Shalom. The lip sync video with the most votes, and most dollars raised, wins! Share your videos with your social network, friends and family!

Submit your video by February 5!

May children participate?

Anyone under the age of 18 may participate with parental permission! Please make sure parents sign off on the registration.

Register to Compete!