Adult Education

Beth Shalom offers learning opportunities throughout the year, sponsoring speakers, discussion groups, classes, and holiday programs. Programs are held at various times to accommodate congregants’ different schedules, including Shabbat, holidays, and weekdays during the day and evenings. These programs are open to the public.

Highlights of the Adult Education program in past years and upcoming for 2019-2020 include:

Check the adult education brochure for more information, including dates and times. This brochure is also mailed to every household (in late summer for the fall programs and in early winter for the winter/spring programs).

Two Jews, Three Opinions, One Thriving Community: A Weekend of Learning and Envisioning.   

Scholar-in-Residence Weekend with Rabbi Amy Levin November 15 – November 16, 2019

From the moment 10 Jews had to be in the same place at the same time to pray to our fullest, and as we’ve turned to each other during our most intense personal moments (our births and our marriages and our losses), our tradition has been nudging us (and noodging us) into communal life.  From Torah to contemporary sociology, from personal experience to aspirational envisioning, we’ll immerse ourselves in the concept of community over the course of a weekend and emerge with an appreciation for the power of sacred community to shelter us, ward off a sense of isolation, nurture our families and engage our minds and souls.

Rabbi Amy Levin is the founding director of Tzibur Strategies: For Thriving Sacred Communities and Their Leaders, and Director of Communal Life at Kibbutz Hanaton, a unique multi-denominational Jewish community in Israel’s Lower Galilee.  Rabbi Levin was named Faith Leader of the Year in 2013 by the Rhode Island Council of Churches, and serves on the Rabbinical Assembly’s Committee on Jewish Law and Standards.  

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    • Scholar-In-Residence: a Shabbat weekend full of lectures and discussions with an invited educator, thinker, speaker, or artist (usually held in November).
    • Tikkun Leil Shavuot: a full evening of multiple education sessions led by rabbis and educators held during Erev Shavuot, along with dairy desserts and snacks.
    • Movies for Selichot and Yom Ha’atzmaut: on topics relating to repentance and Israel (respectively), with moderated discussions by Rabbi Grossman. For Selichot in 2019, we will present the movie “Keep Quiet”, a powerful documentary about an anti-Semitic far-right politician in Hungary who undergoes an astonishing transformation after finding out he is Jewish.
    • Author speaker series – Jewish authors read excerpts from and discuss their recent novels and non-fiction books. Last year’s speakers included Brigitte Goldstein, Elizabeth Poliner, and Rabbi Amy Scheinerman. The author series is usually held in the spring.
    • Lecture and Discussion Series:  Stimulating classes for Fall 2019 will be taught by Rabbi Grossman, Cantor Apt, and Rabbi Amy Scheinerman, including: 
      • “Beyond Judaism for Dummies: Everything You Need to Know to Speak Thoughtfully about Jewish Belief, Practice, and Peoplehood” (Rabbi Grossman) 
      • “Jewish God Talk: Jewish Theology and Thinking About God Through the Ages” (Rabbi Scheinerman)
    • Conservational Hebrew Class: led by native Hebrew speaker and educator (and congregant) Ora Fisch  
    • Friday night speakers: past speakers have shared their expertise on topics such as ethics and Israel