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3rd-7th Grade Religious School

3rd-5th Grades


J.E.W.  Jewish Experiental Wednesdays










On Wednesday afternoons Beth Shalom's Religious school turns into a learning lab for our 3rd-5th Grade students. We shake off the traditional classroom model, mix the students up between grades and allow them the freedom to explore their Judaism and Jewish learning in new and exciting ways with songs, skits, art, hands-on projects and so much more.

Each semester in a three-year rotation focuses on the multiple aspects of a topic in Jewish life. The 2017-2018 school year will be a return to the first year of this three year cycle. The focus will be on "God, Mitzvot and Me" an exploration of what it means to have a relationship with God and how engaging with the Mitzvot can give meaning to that relationship and make a difference in the world.

You can see a chart of the planned major topics here:

Semester 1

God, Mitzvot and Me

Semester 2

Jewish History

Semester 3

The people of the Bible

Semester 4


Semester 5

Jewish Values

Semester 6

Our Jewish Year


Beth Shalom Hebrew Program

Our 3rd-5th grade Hebrew program builds on the foundational skills developed in prior years, refining decoding skills, advancing fluency with the liturgy of Shabbat and daily services, the organization of services, gaining understanding of prayers and applying the vocabulary to Modern Hebrew. Our 3rd-5th grade students learn in skill-based groups, allowing for personalized learning and individualized attention.

6th and 7th Grade

Our middle school grades program is an engaging transition between primary learning and adult study. With celebrations of Bar/Bat Mitzvah on the horizon, the program in these years is geared toward further enriching that experience and providing an impetus for lifetime engagement with Jewish community. In addition to an intensive program that gives our pre-teens the skills to lead and participate in services anywhere, our students get more in-depth learning on topics such as Jewish history, life cycle, Jewish texts, the Holocaust, Israel and much more during 3 hours on Sunday and 2 1/4 hours on Wednesday. Our 7th grade program, in addition to other topics, features a focus on the causes, events, and outcomes of the Holocaust culminating in a trip to the U.S. Holocaust Museum in Washington. 


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