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Religious School

Religious School

Known as "The Religious School that's fun to go to" our Religious School Program for Kindergarten through 7th grade has all students meet every Sunday during the school year. The 3rd-7th grades also meet on Wednesdays. Under the guidance of a creative and skilled faculty, the students learn about Jewish culture, rituals, history and the basics of reading and speaking the Hebrew language.

Hebrew High School

We are proud to have a vibrant Hebrew High program. Classes meet on Sunday evenings and include both core courses and electives. Prior to each session students also have an opportunity to gather for dinner. Each semester will also feature a class trip to an exciting location in the Baltimore/Washington Area or beyond.

Jewish Ethics and Values

Our school culture is grounded in Middot (Jewish ethics) that foster a safe, nurturing, and empowering environment. Principles including Kavod (Respect), Emet (Truth), Hakarat HaTov (Recognizing the Good), and Ometz Lev (Inner Strength) guide interactions within our school community.

Creative Exploration

Our progressive approach to Jewish learning integrates the creative arts into our explorations of what it means to be Jewish in 21st century America. Opportunities for self-expression through music, dance, drama, writing, yoga and the visual arts are integrated into our program.


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