Beth Shalom’s 50th Anniversary Race to Jerusalem

Want to sponsor the race?

Registration is required to sponsor the race. Please click the “Sponsor the Race” button below. You’ll be asked if you want to sponsor the whole team or individuals you know are racing with us to Jerusalem.

Can’t decide how much to sponsor per mile? Here are some ideas:

    • $.01/mile if we reach our goal is $58.77
    • $.05/mile if we reach our goal is $293.85
    • $.10/mile if we reach our goal is $587.70
    • $.25/mile if we reach our goal is $1,469.25
    • $1.00/mile if we reach our goal is $5,877

Or, challenge an individual. You could also sponsor your spouse, friend, kid, Rabbi Grossman, Cantor Apt or Jessica the Synagogue Administrator (they need the motivation!) and donate based on the miles they move.

At the end of the race, you will be contacted by a fabulous Beth Shalom volunteer with the total amount to donate and how to do so.

Sponsor the Race

If you would like to make a single donation and not worry about math, you can do so simply by clicking donate now. In the comment field, please indicate that the donation is towards the race to Jerusalem. If the donation is in honor of someone, please let us know.

Donate Now

We are racing to Jerusalem as a community! Every individual person’s effort/contribution brings us closer to the communal goal of 5,877 Miles!
Want to know how you can help Beth Shalom reach its goal?

All forms of intentional exercise count! Rake your leaves, go for a swim, take a hike or ride your bike! Just track the minutes that you’re moving.

A family of 4 going on a 30 minute walk is 120 miles! Do that every day for 10 days and that’s 1,200 miles, more than 20% of our goal! Registration is not required to participate.

Starting Sunday, October 18 simply move your body and log the minutes.