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Beth Shalom B'nai Mitzvah Guide

Welcome to the Beth Shalom Congregation B'nai Mitzvah Guide.

Below are the links to important information regarding our B'nai Mitzvah process and Policy.

All documents linked below reflect Beth Shalom policy and procedures as of 01/19/2017.


  1. A note from Rabbi Grossman
  2. A note from Dr. Nagel
  3. Introductory Notes
  4. Preparing for the B'nai Mitzvah  -Your Student's Role
  5. Your Role as a Parent

Names and Dates:

  1. Who to Call - Directory
  2. Ushering Responsibilities
  3. Kitchen Responsibilities

Lessons and Classes:

  1. Rabbi's Mini Curriculum
  2. Cantor Apt's Lesson Expectations

Honors Guidelines:

  1. Guideline for Honors
  2. Order of the Service


  1. Preparation Form
  2. Shabbat Morning Honors Sheet
  3. Guidelines for Honors Form
  4. Extended Family Form
  5. Family Tree
  6. Family Tree Form
  7. Mitzvah Project and "Scroll" Profile Form

Kiddush and Oneg:

  1. Introduction to Kiddush and Oneg
  2. Kiddush Lunch Prices - 2017
  3. Kiddush Nosh Prices - 2017
  4. Approved Caterers

Prayers, Readings and Additional Information

  1. Sample B'nai Mitzvah Pamphlet - No Explanations
  2. Sample B'nai Mitzvah Pamphlet - With Explanations
  3. Directions to Beth Shalom
  4. How to be a Perfect Guest
  5. How to go up for an Aliyah (with before and after Torah Reading blessings)
  6. Prayer for Tallit Presentation
  7. Parents' Blessing of Children
  8. Shehechyanu (prayer of thanksgiving)
  9. Shepartani/Parental Blessing after the Bar/Bat Mitzvah Aliyah
  10. Prayer for Interfaith Parents
  11. Prayer for our Country
  12. Prayer for the State of Israel
  13. Additional Prayers and Readings


  1. Bibliography
  2. Order Tefillin and other Ritual Items
  3. Twinning with a Rescuer
  4. Amit Mitzvah Projects
  5. Masorti's Bar/Bat Mitzvah program for Children with Special Needs
  6. Netaim (scroll down on page after clicking)
  7. Bima Baskets for the Hungry
  8. Additional Tzedekah ideas (coming soon)