Virtual Friday Night Service at 6:00 pm

If you do not have a copy of our Sim Shalom prayer book, for Friday night download the following from our Sim Shalom prayerbook here:

    • Kabbalat Shabbat
    • Shabbat Evening Service

Don’t yet read Hebrew? Check out this booklet of our most popular songs written in transliteration (English letters) that includes a brief explanation of the prayers

Connect to the Friday night Service here .

Virtual Saturday Morning Service at 9:30 am

If you do not have a copy of our Sim Shalom prayer book, for Shabbat morning download the following from our Sim Shalom prayerbook here:

    • Psukei DZimra
    • Shabbat Shaharit
    • Shabbat morning Torah Service
    • Shabbat Musaf

For those who have the original (grey/blue) Sim Shalom for Sabbath Festivals and Weekdays, Rabbi Grossman has prepared a list of the equivalent page numbers to make it easier to follow along. (Click here to download.)

Connect to the Saturday morning Service here .

Students can sign up to lead a prayer Saturday morning here.

Rabbi Grossman’s Shabbat Cucumber Salad

Rabbi Grossman only makes this easy recipe for the Sabbath and looks forward to it all week. Have a Special, Kosher-friendly, Easy Recipe for a Sabbath Meal? Send your Shabbat friendly recipes with your name and contact information to the office.